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Pigments and Dispersions


A dispersion is a formulation of a dye or pigment with additives that modify its original characteristics, such as dispersibility and stability. The main advantage of utilizing a dispersion is that it simplifies the fabrication process of the product where it is used as a raw material. This results in time savings and cost reduction for the manufacturer.


We strive to provide integral color solutions through our dispersions. To do so, we have a team of professionals with the necessary knowledge and experience to develop and manufacture custom made dispersions. In addition to custom made manufacture, we have a dispersions catalogue comprising the following product lines:









The chemical world of pigments is structured by tiny color particles, which consist of crystalline aggregates with capricious geometries such as cubes, spheres, hexagons and needles.  These molecules interact with others to provide protection, appearance, texture and brightness to the material they impart color to. The harmony found in the perfection of the shape and size of these crystals brings about a phenomenon of light absorption resulting in the reflection of a color.  A pigment's properties, such as tone purity, coverage power and weathering resistance, are contained in these crystals.